Lexia Tomlinson

The stats: 18 Years old

Studying: Performing Arts

Mediums: Spoken word poetry, paper poetry, acting, writing.

Hi my name is Lexia, but all my friends call me Lexie or Lex, the most important thing I think you need to know is that I LOVE the arts. I don’t just say this as a throw away comment, I believe all the arts give people such an outlet they don’t get in real life, getting to express how you feel in words, paint, dance and song or whatever media a person chooses is just simply amazing.

My route to the arts has been one of finding and suggestion, without the encouragement of certain teachers and the passion that I have developed for the arts I don’t know what my life would be like (empty).

The arts have let me meet so many wonderful, talented people who I am in awe of,  their honesty and willingness to risk and present them self for the world to examine is just beautiful.

That is why I’m so glad to be apart of Cannon Hill Collective, I get to work with so many young creatives outside of my medium, who have such a zest for what they do.

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