Jerry Lee Jones

Hello anyone bored enough to read this… I’m Jerry (of the Lee variety) Jones!
Firstly, I should explain the story behind how I got my name, but I’m not going to 😀
The best way to decribe me is as a cameleon; it’s like a comedic performer, but this title gives me more of an excuse to dabble and try as many things as possible, so basically label me what you will.

I spend a vast amount of my time in public venues (mainly pubs) with a drink in one hand (mainly a pint) and a pen in the other (mainly a black bic biro). This is normally where I tend to jot down anything I’ve observed that I may be able to play around with. This can be anything from a ‘conforming to the social norms’ kind of individual to a very abstract object.
Once I have gathered enough random stimulation to be getting on with I then develop this physically to simply make people laugh about the social, cultural and political issues that surround us with tension in our everyday lives… I guess you could say it’s my release.
I see myself as an actress, writer and director, but most people would call me a nosey annoying smile.
A Drama graduate with an observant eye, an irritating voice and a desire to get people chuckling (the kind of chuckle that’s an embarrassment to your social bubble).

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