Isabelle Helewise Taylor


I’m Izzy, student/ sun-worshipper/actor/sloth.

Currently, I am in my second year at the University of Birmingham studying Drama and Theatre Arts. My main passion is applied theatre, we’re talking theatre to educate, inspire and promote change in society. The only problem is, where to find a starting point? I’ve done some acting, volunteered with Fierce Festival and seen my fair share of new and old productions… but I wanted to make my own mark.

This is what drew me to the Cannon Hill Collective. In order to make a difference in the arts, I wanted to meet other young artists with the drive and creativity to put something into practice. Working with others is a key concept that to me is the equivalent of Jack’s magic beans (fairy-tale/disney is another passion of me!), and so i’m hoping to create some projects that inspire others too.




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