Emma Isabella India Halstead

I’m used to writing about other people, fattening up their problems and creating some vague moral at the end. So sitting down and trying to work myself out is proving testing. Let’s start at the beginning.

Undeterred by only managing to get my ‘making tea’ badge at Brownies I decided that if I can’t physically do, I can make instead. As models are to London/Paris/Milan I flit between Theatre/story-telling/short films.

My life has been a series of lucky coincidences. I became a reality contestant from unashamedly ripping my ex-boyfriend to literary shreds and presented at the Olympics after coming clean about my severe dislike of sport.

It seems that the more time I spend in Birmingham, the further it allows me to discover it creatively so much so, that I’m itching to be directly involved in something entirely home grown. Studying Drama at the University of Birmingham, I thrive on working collaboratively, yet would love to do this     outside the constraints of academia, learning from a spectrum of different backgrounds, ages, experiences and circumstances to create honest original art.

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