Carl Sealeaf

Hi. My name’s Carl. I’m 19 years old, and I’m a writer. Right now I’m performing a lot of Spoken Word poetry and loving every second of it, but really I’m interested in anything at all that lets me feel like I’m having honest conversations with people. I know the arts are, for a lot of people, a chance to be more honest with what they express and how they communicate – that’s really what I’m all about, having those conversations that are ordinarily very difficult, but in an open and honest way. More often than not, those are the conversations worth having.

I joined the collective because it felt like something very new at the time. Nobody had a clear idea of what we would each be doing or building towards, only that there would be a melting pot of ideas that hadn’t met before. There’s all manner of art forms involved in this thing, and the possibilities of working together are practically limitless. For a long time, writing to me was a solitary and old-fashioned profession, it involved sitting in a room typing up massive novels and then sending them off for (hopefully) publication. Now I realise it can do a lot more than that. It’s an exciting feeling.


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