Sarah Huxley

I am 20 years old and currently in my final year studying Drama and Theatre Arts at University of Birmingham. Having trained in dance for as long as I can remember, during my A Level studies my passion for Theatre began to shine through. Being surrounded by inspiring people, particularly my teachers, I felt the urge to pursue Theatre as a means for entertainment and also education.

Throughout my life so far I have performed often as an Actress or a Dancer, but my experiences in University devising performances and working in a collaborative environment have shaped my interest in Theatre and I have hopes of creating my own theatre company with a very strong belief system, one that allows contemporary, devised Theatre to be accessible to all rather than a type of theatre only educated people can enjoy. I have experimented with Directing and Playwrighting, and through the Collective I would love to experiment with ways I can bring my other passions, Dance and Music, into my work, rather than it being a case of choosing one or the other.

I have recently also started a radio show called Talk of Shame on my University radio station, and I am looking forward to seeing how this will develop throughout the year.

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