Sarah Fowler

Sarah Fowler
My artistic practice is very much inspired by trees and the natural environment. I employ craft processes to explore these feelings. I then try to get my message across to people through Craftivism. I find craft a fascinating medium in which to work as it is a slow process, like the growth of a tree and accept that change takes time.

“I think Sarah’s artwork is truly inspirational and I find that her deep love of nature has helped influence her artwork in ways that has allowed her to create the most imaginative, unique and beautiful pieces of art. She has surprised us all with her eloquence in her artistic talent, which I’m sure will influence many people today and perhaps even change people’s view on nature for the better, by sharing her love of nature through her artwork.”  – Rebecca Fowler (Sister)

“Your work is so varied. Can’t wait to see what you do next.” Mary Fowler (Mum)

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