James Bartholomew

“The world can be filled with wonders, joys and horrors, nevertheless the sun is always shining somewhere in the world and it’s always 6’clock somewhere in the world. Red wine anyone?”

A Birmingham based performer specialising in directing and writing.

Having recently graduated University in Contemporary theatre it has recently opened the door to many different forms of theatre and pushed my mind to new forms of theatre.

With this new information I managed to piece together my first written show ‘Reading is fundamental’ a combination of poetry slam, naturalism intertwined with live music.

My style is one that focuses on a storyline and what catapults the audience from point A to B to C to finally end at the gripping conclusion that is D.

Joining the collective will help me meet me new people who are from different aspects in regards to theatre, performance and art and being around a group of people like that is that you’ll get to learn new crafts and explore new areas along side getting to know the art side of Birmingham more than I previously known.

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