Katie Finch


It’s a bit harder for me to state my title or art form, (notice the question mark at the top!) I don’t really have one yet. What I am and where I would like to be are rather far apart at this moment in time. What I am is a 22 year old final year student at Birmingham School of Acting studying Applied Performance, who spends most Saturdays sewing and dreaming of which continent I’ll travel too next.

Where I would like to be isn’t that easy. I want to produce, I have always had a passion for new work, work that makes me think and question things; but most importantly tells a story that’s worth us listening too. For me the idea of producing theatre allows me to enable an artist’s voice to be heard, give sound to what they are saying and work with an entire team to tell those stories. I thrive when I am busy and under pressure, I feel most at home on those types of days; but there aren’t many of them.

This is why I joined CHC to work with other artists and to work towards giving our voices to ‘Art for Social Change’ and kick start me into making the step from student to producer…

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