Hayley Frances

Hayley Frances. Performance Poet.

Currently exploring the collaboration of art forms for performance, I’m a 23 year old poet practising the role of creative expression. I write about life, researching into cultural and social perspectives to share stories and define multiple states of consciousness.

Working with diverse artists – dancers, dramaturges, digital artists, painters, poets, musicians, photographers, film makers, illustrators (and all in-between and around) –
I’m working to produce performance works that study all manner of subjects for artistic development, education and experiential events.

I’ve recently moved from tea to coffee. I’m well versed in enhancing your rankings in search engines and developing your ‘internet persona’ too.

I joined the Collective to practice what I preach, study and create, and look into how creative performance art can influence audiences for the better. Birmingham’s creative culture is blooming lovely, and I want to be a part of that with beautiful artists.

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