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Hello. I will be posting two posts for the price of one! I am on my Easter holidays as I work in a school and all the other members are super busy. So enjoy!

Comedy: Tuesday 10th March Janice Connolly (Barbara Nice) Tue 11 Nov | How to lead a workshop

So I got to the session and there were literally only half a dozen of us. I had a cracker of a headache but alas no paracetemol. That’s when I remembered, it’s the comedy one. Janice saw the look of fear on my face. “Don’t worry you don’t have to do it.” She said. We did some warm up activities. The first we had to think of someone we found funny. After a lot of thought I told them I thought Bill Bailey is funny because he looks like my Dad. I didn’t tell them about the ASDA song… I also laugh at myself when I do stupid things which is all the time. I told them about Craft Club that day. “… so they all ended up with stripy Mother’s day cards. My sister wrote a note in hers and gave it to me. It said you have ruined Craft Club and made my friend’s dog stripy.” Hmm I didn’t tell the group my line manager had read the card first. She didn’t say anything though. They all decided it is really good to laugh at yourself (well it’s either that or cry!) Janice suggested I tell the printing story as my stand-up. I decided not to as they had just heard it. I sat in the corner and wrote. I couldn’t help remembering when I had to write a story for the Gloaming Tales in the same room and unwittingly ended up reading it out to an audience because of the fact I didn’t know what culminating meant. I used this as my intro though it wasn’t particularly funny. I don’t know how my next story popped into my head. I wrote down most of the story which is a combination of the past and present (hopefully not the future!) For my piece I decided to use the drawing board. I went last and carried it over to the MIC stand single handed. I refused help and just stated that I’m part mad (a little reference to Bill Bailey part troll). Anyway it went something like this: “So it all started when I accidentally got high at college (at this point they all started to laugh but I ploughed on). It was off a material I was working with. I walked around college and laughed when I saw a tutor. I even had a one to one. No idea how I got through it. I went to carry on my work and when I was using the heat gun I kept referring to it as a glue gun. When the tutor corrected me I started laughing again. When I got home I tried to teach my sister how to make a pin wheel and when she made it wrong I started laughing again. Recently at work I had to box up some heat guns and label the box (this is where the drawing board came in) I started writing a “G” then realised they were heat guns and had to change the “G” into an “H”. The IT Technician asked me for a heat gun. I went and got him one. Oh I meant Glue gun he said. Yeah sure you did I said.” Janice said it was quirky and I should do it more often. She asked me what I learned. I said I learned that I need to stay away from the room. This was meant to be funny but alas I’m just not funny.

Task Presentations: Tuesday 24th March

The time had come for everyone to present back to each other how their tasks had gone. You will have to excuse me as I can’t remember the exact order. Callum He wrote the most awesomest limericks and poems you could hope to dream up. Sam He wrote epic diary entries of his amazingness. Hilarity. Heidi She wrote insightful yet quirky observations. Louisa She read us a very tender and soulful poem and showed us a video giving us an insight into her life. Jess She told us of the wonders of what is to come with her collaborations. Catrin She showed us her paintings which she didn’t think of as much but were in actual fact things of wonder. James He had to observe people in Starbucks, his observations were hysterical. Mercy Her task was to write negative lyrics on one side and then flip them to find the positive. She read them out and it was like we knew the song already. Then it came to my turn. So I set up my montage on the easel (with two people holding on to it!) and started from the beginning. I explained what and why I added to it each day and then… I finished by telling them all about an email I had from the boss of Craftspace who I had forwarded my task blog to.

“So basically I’m going to be on the BBC Radio 4 on Easter Monday on Women’s Hour. Hell yeah!” I said as I took my seat and thanked Sam for giving me the task.
If you want to see more of my task you can see it here:

BBC Radio 4 Easter 2015

Thank you for reading and please come to MIRRORS on Saturday 18th April 4pm-8pm at the MAC Birmingham upstairs in the Foyle Studio:

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