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Hello my name is Sarah Fowler and I will be talking you through the second Cannon Hill Collective Session of 2015 🙂

We continued watching the films we had recorded. James did such a great job of talking you through our films so I will try to continue this.

Aliyah- The Art of Keeping it Real

Aliyah’s was very complex (to me anyway!). She had given herself the mission of peeling/ stripping back the layers sociologically, politically and historically of who she is, but being light hearted about it at the same time. A real eye opener.

Sarah H- The Art of being yourself

Sarah talked about her future aspirations. She read us old diary entries highlighting to us how much she has changed over the years. She did this in a humorous, calm and down to Earth kind of way.

Jodi Ann Bickley- One Million Lovely Letters

We were then shown the video above and told we would be receiving a special guest who wouldn’t want to watch herself! I was sat watching the film and was aware she had entered the room and could hear them setting up behind me. And then as if by magic the lights came on and there were tables set out for us with all sorts of crafty bits and bobs and glitter and such. We were invited to create our very own lovely letter, which would be going out to someone in great need of cheering up.

Visually I didn’t find it a challenge and in terms of making origami bits for my letter. However, I was having trouble thinking of what to write! Jodi said to not think about it too much and to just write. So this is what I did! ^_^

Letter 1- Blowing in the Wind


With this letter I just thought that sometimes you can worry too much and overthink things. I know it’s not easy but perhaps it is good to just see where the wind may take you!

Letter 2- Moonface


What I like about workshops is that you can get really interesting feedback from people. Aliyah said this letter reminded her of Moonface from The Magic Faraway Tree (Enid Blyton). What is interesting about this comment is that the day before I was editing one of my Auto Biography extracts, where I had written about how I remember sitting in class in Year 1, listening to the teacher reading us The Magic Faraway Tree! Aliyah also liked my paper crane -or swan 😉


After we had finished all of our lovely letters we just simply put them in a pile in the middle of the table. I leave the crane in charge in getting them all to their destinations 🙂


Here is a link to Jodi’s blog for those who want to know more about her project:

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